I have roughly 390 varieties in 32 genera and a dozen or so nothogenera. I also have numerous unnamed hybrids and a few undescribed nothogenera.

You can view a few short videos that I made about growing bromeliads from seed.

Recent Updates

  1. Bigenerics xDyckcairnia 'Light Saber'
  2. Dyckia 'Yellow Glow'
  3. Bigenerics xVriecantarea 'Seeger'
  4. Catopsis sessiliflora
  5. Dyckia 'Naked Lady'
  6. Puya grafii
  7. Tillandsia caput-medusae
  8. Bigenerics xCanmea 'Nani Ko'olau'
  9. Encholirium horridum
  10. Neoregelia 'Fat Bastard'

I haven't been motivated to keep this site updated. Starting in 2018 I'll get back into it.

All pictures were taken by Nick Bethmann.