Aechmea 'Fascicaulis' (fasciata x nudicaulis) - BRBS Meeting (200802) 
Growing under palms with lots of early morning sun.
Fascicaulis, 1
Inflorescense slowly rises above the upright rosette.
Fascicaulis, 2
Stigma is extended inside the grey petals and is easy to cross pollinate. Fascicaulis, 3
This is a very weak selfer. You will often find 1 or 2 seeds in a pod. I've crossed it many times and I always get 1 or 2 seeds, the same as I get when I don't cross. However, I did once find a seed pod at the top that I didn't cross that was full of seeds. This has an extended stigma that is easy to cross with, but probably makes it hard to self without a pollinator.

This is a good tree hugger and will almost take full sun.