Aechmea 'Al's Coppertone' NOREG - Plant Sale (200910)
Newly acquired
Al's Coppertone, 1
Newly acquired
Al's Coppertone, 2
Expecting flowers to open soon
Al's Coppertone, 3
First flowers
Al's Coppertone, 4
This is an odd one. I happened to be in Gainesville, FL and went to an orchid sale and there was this scruffy guy, Al Muzzel (RIP), who I had never met but would soon know better. Al was selling all these nice bromeliads which was pretty unexpected at an orchid sale in Gainesville. He had a half dozen (all the same size) of this really nice plant marked as xQuesmea 'Copper Tone' and I bought one. I'm pretty sure it is just a very nice, seed grown orlandiana hybrid. So I'm just calling it an Aechmea.

I can't seem to take a decent pic of this but I've had good success crossing with it!