Tillandsia capitata 'Gator' NOREG - Miami Road Trip (200802) 
capitata Gator
'Gator', 6
Newly acquired and put in basket.
'Gator', 1
Ready to bloom.
'Gator', 2
With flower spike
'Gator', 3
Almost 2' flower spike
'Gator', 4
Big orange inflorescence
'Gator', 5
'Gator', 7
4 nice pups coming
'Gator', 8
Seed time (finally) after 9 months. They are viable.
'Gator', 9
I'm not sure if this is a species or cultivar. I've asked all the major players and no one is sure so I'm just going to give it a name, Gator, since a lot of people are now growing it. The seeds are viable and in a few years we'll see if they come true.